It’s taken me a couple of weeks just to get this blog post started, yikes…

Well, welcome in and happy Thanksgiving week! I figured I would post this today seeing as I’ll be traveling the rest of this week, just like the rest of America, I’m sure. I’m not too great at posting on a blog since I’m new to this, but who really starts out as the greatest blog writer right off the bat?

I’ll be using this blog and website to keep friends, family, and viewers updated on my oh-so-not-exciting life. While I’m still living at home and attending college online, I don’t really have too much going on other than school work (shocker), however, I will be graduating at the beginning of May 2015 with my Bachelors of Business Administration in General Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. Being less than six months from graduating and entering the real-world workforce, I am still quite unsure what I want to do. I have really enjoyed my accounting and marketing classes, though. I am taking a human resource class next semester that I am really looking forward to, and to test the waters to see if that is a path I would like to take.

Let’s see, what else about me… hmm…

I am in a relationship with a wonderful man named Skyler. He and I met while working at Cavender’s Boot City together in 2012. I finally agreed to let him take me on a date after weeks of asking. Sure enough, it was the best first date ever! Here in Houston, the month of March is rodeo and that night he took me out, ZZ Top was playing. Being an 80s music lover, this was awesome. It didn’t hurt any that it was free since he was on Junior Rodeo Committee and he won me six stuffed animals (awe).

I am really looking forward to 2015. I guess I shouldn’t really go into depth about this and save it for a later post. Sorry, y’all! 🙂

Here’s what you can expect on the in the future:

  • 2015 Goals/Looking Forward To
  • The Holidays/Christmas
  • Putting my Pinterest Boards to use
  • Recipes for a picky eater (aka myself)
  • My Impossible List (see home page for a description)



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