Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey guys, sorry I have been MIA lately.

My online classes started last Wednesday and I have been up to my neck in reading assignments and team projects but on the bright side, IT IS MY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! I cannot believe I have a little over three months until I walk across the stage and receive my diploma, it is so surreal.

Before this semester started, I was determined to get a full-time job but a week before classes started, my professors sent out their syllabi and I quickly realized that even holding a part-time job might be a challenge. It’s only the second week of classes so I guess I will play it by ear. It is not the best feeling in the world to sit at home all day but at least I am giving school my undivided attention.

So an interesting thing happened to me yesterday… A friend I’ve known since high school needed me to watch her baby girl while she got her hair done. I quickly took the opportunity because I love hanging out with both of them and I always have a good laugh every time I see them. Any who, once we got to the hair salon, one of the stylists needed a hair model because her’s had cancelled and it was required for her to have a model. It was $22 for the service, I was only going to be charged for the product. The service I was going to be receiving was ombre balayage, basically a more natural ombre, if you will.  All was going great until it was time to dry my hair and I saw the color of my hair. In the salon, the bottom half of my hair looked orange. I was so mad! My friend’s hair turned out amazing and I was (and still am) jealous. Now that I am home, I am not sure if the color is growing on me or not, but hey, at least my grey hair is gone (woohoo)! Whenever I style it next, I will post a picture of it and let you all see for yourselves.  Let’s just say I will not be participating as a hair model unless I know the individual’s body of work beforehand because this was a shock and I secretly miss my super dark brown and red hair (womp, womp, womp).

That’s all I have for today, y’all. Thanks for reading my rant, basically… off to do more school work (yay).



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