Life Lately: Vol I

Happy Monday, y’all!

I’m going to try something new today. I was inspired by Dearest-Love to have a coffee date with you guys.  The point of this post is to sit down with my coffee and talk about my week, just like I would in person. I do realize it is Monday, so I have this a little bass-ackwards, but this is my first coffee date and I’m testing out the waters. Let’s jump right into it…

Highs of the week:

  • I no longer have anxiety over my two team projects in two of my classes. Granted, both projects are about 20 page papers but I’m ready to collaborate with my teams and get the creative juices flowing.
  • I have discovered so many new blogs that I adore reading in the mornings with my coffee. Definitely gives me a new way of “unwinding” before starting schoolwork.
  • Army Wives on Netflix, need I say more? I received seasons 1-4 early on last year and finally finished the discs last week. I am so thankful the entire series is on Netflix, although, I am not productive when this show is on (oops).
  • Last high of the week – Skyler was here all weekend, as usual. He made me dinner on Friday night (awww) and would not let me in the kitchen, until dinner was over and I had to clean up his mess. Bless his heart for trying.

Lows of the week:

  • As noted above, I have two team projects. In one team, the five of us are to deliver a strategic analysis on Academy. We were to turn in a team charter at 10pm on Saturday night with all of our signatures. Well, of course, there is always one person who slacks in the group. Not to sound selfish, but a 20-30 page paper is a lot, with five people, that’s 4-5 pages each but if this guy does not get his but in gear, writing 6 pages is not going to be fun. I understand it’s an online class and life happens, but dude, get it together.
  • Finally, the lowest of the low… my grandmother who was battling cancer for a year passed away on Wednesday. We all knew the day was coming but I did not think it would come so soon. As soon as I received the news, a rush of guilt came over me, usually one of the first stages of grieving (thank you psychology classes, and Google). I do want to thank Rachael Rewritten for this post to help me get a grasp of the reality my grandmother is really gone. I spent this last weekend looking through old pictures, of my grandmother, my grandpa, baby pictures of my mom, and me.

Thanks for sitting down and having coffee with me this week. I am looking forward to doing many more of these in the future. Now it’s your turn!
1. What are your highs and lows from the week? Comment below!
2. Link up one post from this week that gives a glimpse into your life lately. This could be a coffee date, highs and lows, recent update, etc. Make sure it’s a link to your post and not your blog URL.
3. Important: Comment on the blog that linked up before you. This linkup us about building community, so this step is important. Feel free to comment on more than just one!



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