Five Years Ago / Five Years from Now


At some point in our lives, we come up with goals that we think are realistic, but in reality, they can end up being far-fetched. In 2010, I was getting ready for a new season in my life – being a high school graduate and starting college.

Here are some goals from 17/18 year old me:

  • Graduate with a degree in psychology from UNT
  • Living in the Dallas area
  • Working towards being a crime scene investigator
  • Living on my own
  • Stay in touch with a handful of people/friends

It’s safe to say that four out of five of these goals were never reached or were tweaked. The last goal, however, is still somewhat in tact – thanks Facebook! Here are some goals I’m looking forward to reaching by the time I’m 27/28:

  • Buy a house
  • Be settled in a human resource-based career
  • Have a ginger kid or two
  • Be more healthy (mentally, physically, and emotionally)
  • Have less gray hair!

Here’s a special bonus for y’all – a couple pictures from my senior year!


IMG_0475 4


What goals did you make for yourself five years ago? Did you reach them?  What are some goals you wish to reach in five years from now?



8 thoughts on “Five Years Ago / Five Years from Now

  1. It’s amazing what can happen in those 5 years. I know that the last 5 years of my life haven’t gone as I hoped or planned. But, the good thing about life is that even though we don’t make those goals now, if we keep our mind to it, we will get there someday. It’s also mostly fun to see the surprises that life throughs to you even if they weren’t in your plan.


    1. Jenny,

      Exactly! When I was graduating high school, I thought I would be done with college by now. It’s funny how things work out and how your life changed completely by one decision.


    1. Noor,

      One of my cousin’s does not have his license because his twin brother has one. What a way to save gas and money, right?! 😉

      If you don’t mind me asking, have you not gotten it because you don’t see why you need one or are you scared to take the tests?


  2. Five years ago, I was pursuing a degree in education and thought that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. In the present, I have a Business degree, have worked in a career helping small businesses for two years, and plan to go to law school. It’s crazy how life works out! I loved reading your goals 🙂

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


    1. Seer Sucker Sass,

      Wouldn’t we all love to be a SAHM?! I am graduating with my business degree in May, but no law school in the future for me! I am burned out on education for awhile.

      Thanks for sharing your goals with me!


  3. Aw, this is really fun! I think I reached a couple of my goals that I set at the start of college, but I never wrote them down. Looking back, I wish I had written myself a letter at the beginning of college to open one I graduated. Oh well!

    I like these new goals of yours! I want to have a kid or two in the next few years as well! We will see. 🙂


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