5 Things to do for Girls Night In


We all know girls night is a necessity of life, it just is.  We all look forward to it and it’s always fun.  Sometimes, though, going out for girls night seems like either too much work or you’re tight on cash between paychecks.  Here are some things you and your girls can do for a girls night in

  • Swing by YouTube and check out makeup tutorials.  I highly recommend Jaclyn Hill (#fangirling)!
  • Impromptu photo shoot.  Use the tips and tricks you learned from YouTube and put them to use!  Dress up in your best outfits and looks and break out the notorious iPhone camera.
  • Netflix movie marathon.  Need I say more?  I’ve had the itch to have a chick flick marathon for like a week.  Don’t have a Netflix membership?  That’s okay!  Break out the DVDs of the group favorites.  I highly suggest Steel Magnolias (best. movie. ever.),  The Perfect Man,  The Devil Wears Prada, and last but not least Madea Goes to Jail (seriously, if you need a laugh… watch this immediately).
  • Dance-off!  If you have a Wii system, get the game Just Dance and have a show down with your girls.  I personally don’t own this game, but I’ve tried it in store and it’s SO fun!
  • Game Night.  Seriously, I love board and card games #nerdstatus.  I strongly recommend the Game of Life, yes, I’m going old school, y’all, and Cards Against Humanity.  Disclaimer: if you are easily offended or don’t feel comfortable with inappropriate statements or words, stick with Apples to Apples.

So grab your PJs, your makeup box, and some DVDs and have a great girls night!



2 thoughts on “5 Things to do for Girls Night In

  1. It’s so true! You Tube has added a whole new dimension to girls nights in:-). I could have really used those tutorials in my awkward years!

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    1. Angie,

      Yes, girl, I think we all could have used the YouTube tutorials back in the day. Sadly, for me, the makeup tutorials during that time weren’t that great of quality and were pretty much “bronzer galore.” Those were the days! 😉

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