10 Things Undergrads Won’t Miss About College

10 Things

Hey y’all, as you’re reading this, I am either a) about to start my graduation ceremony, b) sitting through the long 2-hour ceremony, or c) officially graduated from college with my Bachelor’s degree!

This last Sunday, I was being productive scrolling through Pinterest, and found some fun posts to write about and different ways to come up with numerous blog ideas (see that post here), and had an idea for this exact post.  I was inspired by a post on Seventeen’s website for the “‘X Number’ of Things Seniors Won’t Miss About High School” (or something of that sort).  So here are ten things that I, and other Undergrads, won’t miss about college/university:

  1. The stress and frustration of registering for classes – especially as an upperclassman.
  2. Overpriced textbooks at the bookstore (Check out this site, I used them for my last two years of school and saved tons).
  3. Textbook buyback (if you bought books from the bookstore).
  4. The dreaded mile(s) long hike from the parking lot (for commuter students) to your first class, as well as in between classes.
  5. Group projects. Need I say more? I dealt with two this semester, definitely a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into those 20+ page papers.
  6. Dealing with Blackboard. I’ve been an online student for two years and have to deal with it 24/7, talk about a pain in the rear sometimes.
  7. Being broke. I left my job in February 2014 and haven’t had a steady income in about six months after taking care of my late grandmother and nannying my cousin, so I totally “feel some type of way” about being low on funds.
  8. Being stressed. Seriously, I have grown so many gray hairs over the last three and a half years being at the university – I’m so over the school stress and ready for “healthier” stress, if that’s even a thing.
  9. The draft that follows you everywhere you go in the library. When I was on campus for one school year, I spent some time in the library and no matter what part of the library I was in, the draft followed!
  10. Last but certainly not least, the biggest thing none of us will miss about college are midterms and finals!

There were some other ideas I jotted down as I was planning this post but these 10 things definitely apply to me. What about you? What are things that you won’t/do not miss about college? What are the things you will/do miss?



3 thoughts on “10 Things Undergrads Won’t Miss About College

  1. Ohhhh #10, haha. I definitely didn’t miss those at all, but I miss living with my closest friends, getting to go to the gym regularly, my internships + jobs, the clubs I was in, the cool classes I got to take…aside from tests and grading, I really loved college! 😛


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