I Graduated, Now What?

Now What?

Hey y’all, I have finally officially graduated with my bachelor’s degree in business!  I have taken this week off to relax and try to figure out exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.  For some unknown reason receiving my degree didn’t magically help me make up my mind about what I really want to do… what kind of sick joke is this?! </sarcasm>.

I am currently torn between two paths.  Should I try to go for my teaching certificate to teach either middle school or high school?  Or should I go for the typical 9 to 5 desk job?  Either way, I am forced with dealing with “official” adulthood and this is the first decision I have to make.  So. Much. Pressure.

Since I was little, I have wanted to teach.  It wasn’t until the last couple of years when I really thought about the idea of making a career out of teaching.  Especially math.  I bet you’re saying to yourself, “What? Calee, seriously? WHY?!”  I highly enjoy math and when I was in grade school and high school, I struggled sometimes with the material but still loved the subject.  I think if I were to teach math, no matter what the grade, I would love to try methods I think would be easier for kids to understand.  I tutored my cousin last year and raised her math grade up two letter grades, so I think this is quite possible.

The process to obtain my teaching certificate to teach high school seems pretty easy, it’s just extensive – which I don’t mind.  However, I have not looked in to how to get my certificate for middle school.  If you teach in Texas, please lend me some information and/or advice!

As for option numero dos, I kind of feel this is the “back-up plan” if the teaching thing falls through or I lose interest (not likely).  I was thinking of working in the administration field of a school/district anyways, so I think that option is more doable to start off with.  The last few months I have said I want to do HR but being the introvert I am, it may not be such a good idea, but I love kids – so “school” it is!

As I am writing this and reading it back, it seems I have made up my mind.  But what do y’all think?  Is obtaining my teaching certificate something I should really go for  Should I try to get my foot in the door in school administration?  Or go to a typical 9 to 5 desk job?

My official job search starts Monday morning so I am patiently waiting for your feedback.  Until then, I am off to enjoy my last weekend of “un-adulthood!”



5 thoughts on “I Graduated, Now What?

  1. Congrats! 🙂 I remember that amazing-yet-terrifying feeling that comes with graduating. I went directly into grad school after my undergrad years, so I was a little older than most when I got my first job. I ended up teaching at the college level for a few years and then at a homeschool program for a few more before I started doing freelance writing. I didn’t have to have a teaching certificate for either of those (since I had an M.A.), and it was good, steady work that I enjoyed. Still, I wasn’t in it long term, as I knew I didn’t want to be a career teacher. If you’re interested in teaching, go ahead and get your certificate–if you still love teaching after a year, then you might have found the right career!


    1. Thanks for your advice! Did you enjoy teaching the homeschool program? I hope to one day homeschool my kids (in the far future, of course), whether it be through me or another teacher/program.


  2. I am actually working on getting my teaching certification right now and I’m from Texas.
    It’s not so bad.
    Texas Teachers had a deal running that if you’ve graduated from college in the past 6 months you get a decent discount on the price of the program.
    I’m not sure if that deal is still around but if so, it was very helpful.
    If you need any other help, you can email me at breakfastatlillys@gmail.com

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys


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