Memorial Day Roundup: Decorations

Memorial Day Roundup Decor

Happy Friday-eve everyone!

Welcome back to Memorial Day Roundup week!  Today is all about the cute and fun decorations to have around your home and outside for your BBQ to celebrate what our amazing troops have done for our country.  There were so many things on Pinterest that I wanted to include but I know I had to narrow it down quite a bit; however, if you are interested in seeing more inspiration for your Memorial Day weekend, check out this board.

So, first things first, y’all.  If you’re having an outdoor get together, do your guests and yourself a favor by making some patriotic bug-repelling candleholders.  It’s hot and muggy out nowadays and the mosquitos are starting to pop up everywhere! Best thing about these, you can change the color of the rice as you see fit.


Another cute decoration one can do for a great organized party is a patriotic condiment station.  Sadly, I cannot get the picture from the article to attach and show up, but I promise this little station is adorable and worth the look.

Personally, I think this next item can be used indoors and out; however, this DIY Patriotic Garland is categorized as outdoor.  Best thing about this garland, you can store it and use it again for July 4!


Let’s talk about these cute DIY American Flag Centerpieces from Home Depot right now.  My patriotic self would keep these around all year long, but that’s just me though.


Last, but certainly not least, the cutest Memorial Day decoration – an American Flag Palette.  When I get my own house, I definitely plan on rocking a cute palette of some sort year round, but for these special patriotic holidays it is worth making and reusing again and again each year.


If you have enjoyed these crafts and decorations, you can check out these 21 Super Patriotic DIY Memorial Day Decorations at Gleam It Up.  What are some of your favorite decorations and crafts for patriotic holidays?

To read-up on the Memorial Day Roundup: Outfits, click here.  To read-up on the Memorial Day Roundup: Recipes, click here.  Tune in tomorrow for the last day of the Roundup for activities to do on Memorial Day weekend.



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