How to Rock Your First Semester of College

First Semester

With only a month to go of summer vacation for a majority of you incoming freshmen, now is the perfect time to read up on some tips and tricks for you to rock your first semester of college (or even your fifth)!

  • First things first, get organized!
    • This means actually buying a planner and using it.  It helped me to color code each class and highlight important dates such as exams or essay due dates.
  • Know your syllabus
    • Most professors provide their syllabus online about a week prior to the first day of classes.  Read over the syllabus and note the dates listed into your new planner.  I promise, knowing these dates and what is expected of you beforehand is extremely helpful.
  • Go to class everyday
    • When I say “go to class” I don’t only mean attend in person everyday but participate and take notes.  When I attended classes on campus, numerous professors counted attendance and/or participation as a small percentage of my grade.  Participating and taking notes will also help your GPA.
  • Rent your textbooks
    • I learned this helpful tip early on which saved me thousands of dollars (and I’m not exaggerating).  I started off using Chegg but then realized I was even overpaying there; try instead – they compare numerous legitimate book renting sites.  Even renting out an older edition of a textbook is okay with most professors – make sure you ask first!
  • Take a break
    • This first semester is one of the hardest you will experience in your college career because it is such a drastic change in your life, so take breaks!  Studied all afternoon for a test on Monday morning?  Treat yourself to watching a movie with friends or go out to eat – just get out of the library/your room and relax.  Learn to balance your schedule and priorities early on, your brain and immune system will thank you!

Have any other helpful tips for the incoming freshmen?  What helped you rock your first semester of college?



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