True Life: I’m Basic

True Life I'm Basic

Since fall is next week, I figured now is the perfect time to blog about my experience as a “basic white girl” because we all know the basic girls shine in the fall.  I would like to point out that the intention of this post is not to be offensive, but rather sarcastic.  I am not really a “basic white girl,” although, I do enjoy wearing yoga pants and drinking Starbucks from time to time. 😉

My name is Calee and I’m basic. My daily routine involves waking up, putting on yoga pants and a flannel, throwing my hair in a messy bun, then slapping on the perfect cat-eye and brows.  I suffer from carpal tunnel in my right wrist because I spend too much time of my day scrolling through Pinterest on my iPhone for the perfect outfit ideas and fall decorations for my dream mansion in the country side.

After several hours of scrolling through Pinterest, I always put on my favorite Ugg boots and make my way over to Starbucks and order my favorite beverage, a pumpkin spice latte, then proceed to scroll through Pinterest again while waiting for my PSL and some girlfriends.  After finding a table outside, my girlfriends and I usually discuss the important things in life – Real Housewives drama and old re-runs of Sex and the City, pretending that I am Miranda, obvs.  The conversation at Starbucks are so tiring that I tend to go over to Target and order yet another PSL and walk around endlessly for unnecessary scented candles, boxed wine, flannels, and yoga pants.

It’s totes hard being a basic white girl.  Having to endlessly keep up with reality television, spend my entire paycheck on PSLs, and quote Mean Girls every chance I get is totes exhausting.  So I usually end my days with a few glasses of boxed wine and froyo.  Props to the other fellow basic white girls out there!  Let’s meet up for brunch, drink mimosas, and talk about how much we love Sex and the City and Target.



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