Hey y’all, I’m Calee!  I am a 23-year-old SHSU Alumni residing in the Houston area.  I am not the best at writing a paragraph about myself, but I love lists, so here’s a few things I’d like for you to know:

  • OCD, perfectionist, very-detailed, stubborn (oops).
  • Total animal lover… I must have been a veterinarian in a past life.
  • Introvert living in an extroverted world, hence my personality of ISTJ.
  • I lost two grandparents to melanoma, please get educated here.
  • love sweet tea (no ice, please) and coffee.
  • My boyfriend, Skyler, is my person.

This lifestyle blog is just a hobby I picked up in 2014.  I plan to dab into a little bit of everything on this blog – beauty, college, DIY attempts, food, and much more.  If you have suggestions as to what you would like to see, let me know by shooting me an email at caleepaskett@outlook.com.

DISCLAIMER: Before anyone freaks out – I am not engaged or married, yet.  I created this URL as a domain name that I will be using in the future (hello .com!).  If you know me or Skyler, you know we will get married one day, it is just a matter of when. 😉

This page was last updated on January 1, 2016.

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